Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014

This blog is about the evolution of humans from a hunter and gatherer to modern work forces. We are still in a very early stage but we are making fast progress.

Humans are heading for the top of the maslow pyramid and try to fulfill their daily business with meaning what they are doing.

But still we are fighting against each other even if our goals are the same. A lot of human energy is put into fighting against each other rather than supporting each other to fulfill a common goal: being happy.

Within business happiness can be achieved if we share a common goal and thrive to reach this goal. Humans purpose is intentionally social. We cannot live without each other. We want to collaborate, to talk to each other and are very sensible about other persons opinion. This was made very clear when Friedrich II made the experiment if children could learn a language if nobody speaks with them. The result were that all kids died because the social aspect of not talking to children was harder than expected. Beside that we know from the Japanese prisons where speaking is only allowed for 30 minutes per day which is the biggest obstacle the inhabitants raise. It's really a punishment not to speak, not to be able to socialize.

Many companies nowadays are not supporting this kind of socialization. They are trying to focus on business and try to enforce processes where people are independent of each other. Even worse companies are producing conflicts between humans either by purpose or not knowing that they are doing so.

So the big question is how can we reduce the conflicts within a company? If we could remove any conflict within a company the people can focus on business rather than fighting against each other. We will be able to achieve amazing results and let the business grow by a multitude of what they are doing now. It's even a bigger multiple if we put it on politics. If politicians would focus on output rather than on fighting with each other it would have a big economic effect which could boost a whole economy.

So how can we achieve that. This will be the focus of this blog. Are you interested to see how we can achieve that?